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Mercury plus

It feels like Mercury is getting back in gear after more than a month retrograde plus most of the shadow period.  Major difference even from yesterday. Can we explore and get out of the way to listen and see in new ways. Listen inside for an insight into all these games we play.

Let me know of your breakthrough.

YES-  Many blessings!

Heading toward Lightness and Lunar Eclipse

Sunday- the last one in Taurus for 11 months or more. The effects of the New Moon Eclipse of May 9th is still present especially until FRiday night’s Full Moon in Sagittarius with the last Eclipse a Lunar blast. Did I say blast? Gemini Sun starting tomorrow the 20th here on the west coast is ruled by my fave Mercury. The heaviness of Taurus will lessen as we cruise toward the Friday night Full Moon. Can we live with more Light, ease, and Fun?

Dane Rudhyar says, “An owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree” A sabian symbol.

“The owl has always been a symbol of wisdom, and its call has evoked a rise to mysterious and hidden elemnts in life.”  We come out of this strong Earth energy to the air/fire polarity. Lots of info and learnings are happening. Record and express what is needed at this time. Magic reveals itself to us always, in many ways. every day a new miraculous story.

 Blessings of peace, Hafiz

Mercurial New Moooon!


 Are you ready for all the New Breakthroughs in this wondrous Life? Now is the time!                  Tues night/ early wed morning on the west coast is the Aries New Moon just 3 1/2 days before Mercury goes into Aries on Sat night. Mercury has been in Pisces for a loooong time through the retrograde which has ended even if you thought it might go on forever. This weekend Mercury will cross the Spring Equinox point into one of the creative fiery signs bringing exciting creative New awareness. No holding back and as always keep your feel on the Ground!!  Aries rules the head so take care of your feet, kidneys and adrenals. Foot soak or full body soak are perfect for Mon and Tues nights. I’ll record a Soundcloud this week so for those tuned in to my work u may want to register with them for ease of communication. Look forward to more comments and inspirations form you here or at Spring blessings!!


Mercury and Uranus running around

     Howdy! second time around for me here- so both these planets just turned retrograde in the last 2 days.

  Changes and new ways of being seem to Be in the air. I’ve adopted a new regime of fasting one 24 hr period a week. Also did a 24 retreat to fast from telephones, computers, music, cars, etc. Can we slow down now to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, our hearts?

 also we enter the dark of the Moon until Wed night the 18th this week. There is some burning away of old stuff that’s holding us back form our true nature, from being truly Alive- our true self.

Mercury flows through this retro until Aug7th in Leo. Be more creative and take time for meditation, walks, whatever will nurture you. YES- you do know what that is. Breathe it in. Try something brand NEW.

Let me know your insights before Aug 7th.

 Many blessings,

         Hafiz Lu

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Solstice insights

Sunny Solstice Greetings!

Next Wednesday the 20th or the 21st in Europe, the sacred turning of the Summer Solstice turns us

toward family, home, creative Fun, music, and caring for our emotional selves- caring for the Earth, all the living Beings and waters.

The Sun goes into Cancer at the Solstice time bringing a watery new energy- one of the four power points of the cycle of the seasons.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and asked her what 3 things would bring her more happiness. The third thing she said was perfect for these last

six days of Spring- letting go. Can we let go, especially on the mental emotional planes to move easily into the new cycle of our lives?

YES YES YES   we all can- breathing, letting go of the old. Sing a sweet song for today!

Tuesday morning PST the 19th of June is the second New Moon in Gemini. Potent spiritual time for letting go to fill your cup

with many blessings of Joy. Peace, and Harmony.

May it be so!           Blessings of peace,

Hafiz Lu         ******        You can add on to your Reading a personalized Poem.

Keep your feet and back on the ground!

Mercurial Threads

Today, Wednesday the 6th Mercury-  Jumping Gemini energies – mercury day each wed.  many seeds being planted for the next few months anyway.

Each day during this microcosmic time is vital for our well being. Breathe it in and STAY GROUNDED!

Many different energies are with us as we send out prayers for the Earth and all Beings, two days after the Lunar Eclipse, Neptune station, and the Venus transit that many of you saw.

Thursday morning Mercury crosses the Solstice point into Cancer. How can we send sweet healing messages to ourselves?

Let me know- let’s all breathe peace together.

Keep writing or enjoying other creative endeavors.


Hafiz Lu

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